126 North Acline Street, Lake City, SC 29560
Herman Keith, 2022


The title/theme “Ignited” is inspired by the scientific discovery of a new form of producing power that was announced the same week the mural was unveiled. The discovery of ignition is monumental because unlike fusion which wastes energy, ignition is pure. The mural illustrates the action / process of setting something in motion. The goal is to enlighten and inspire.

The warm color scheme used represents that of energy. The ten dandelions in the composition signify the ten years of ArtFields as an event. The quilts of Gees Bend, Alabama were used as inspiration for the overall design of the composition. Quilts represent the process used to create the mural “Ignited”. The tobacco basket motif can be seen across the windows and represents the historical importance of agriculture in the regional economy of the Pee Dee.

This collaborative public art project led by artist Herman Keith; founder of the South Carolina Rural Arts Project (SCRAP) worked in conjunction with the Lake City Creative Alliance, hundreds of individuals from the greater Lake City community and beyond contributing to the production of the 122 separate acrylic panels. Nickelodeon sponsored seven panels that were sent to Los Angeles, California to extend the opportunity for students in the Los Angeles area school district to contribute in the mural making process. These efforts allowed us to creatively bridge the geographical divide with the Power of Art.

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