Pee Dee Back Country Day

Pee Dee Back Country Day
Presented by:
Lynches Lake Historical Society & Museum
Start Date:
April 27, 2024 9:00 AM
End Date:
April 27, 2024 4:00 PM
Old Pole Barn
103 Irvin Street
Lake City, SC 29560
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Event Overview

Join us for a journey back in time at the Pee Dee Back Country Day event on Saturday, April 27, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. This family-friendly event promises a day filled with fun and learning for all ages! Immerse yourself in the rich history of Colonial Times in America, spanning from the pre-Revolution era to the aftermath of the American Revolution.

Our knowledgeable demonstrators are experts in their crafts, passionate about preserving the traditions of the past. From weaving and soap/candle making to indigo processing, blacksmithing, and carpentry, each demonstration offers a glimpse into the skills and trades that shaped the region during this pivotal period in history.

Feel free to engage with our demonstrators, as they eagerly welcome questions from near and far. Gain insights into the historical context of their crafts and experience the challenges and triumphs of daily life in the Pee Dee region.

Depending on location and weather conditions, live firing demonstrations will be showcased, adding an exciting and authentic touch to the event. The atmosphere will transport you to a time when the sound of musket fire echoed through the countryside, providing a visceral connection to our nation's past.

This living history demonstration is not only educational but also entertaining. Re-enactors, dressed in period attire, bring the past to life with their expertise and passion for historical accuracy. Explore the intricacies of colonial life and discover the evolution of craftsmanship from pre-Revolutionary times to post-Revolutionary America.

As part of the event, you are invited to take a tour of the museum, where a treasure trove of relics from the Pee Dee's past awaits. Marvel at artifacts and exhibits that showcase the region's rich heritage, offering a deeper understanding of the area's significance in American history.

Best of all, this event is FREE for all ages, extending an open invitation to the public at large to come and enjoy a day filled with interactive history. Bring your family and friends for a unique and immersive experience at the Pee Dee Back Country Day event – where the past comes alive!

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