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Top 5 Exhibits to See During Artfields

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April 11, 2019
"Lagoon Nebula" Ann Hartwell

There's so much to see and do in Lake City during Artfields. If you're planning a visit to come see all of the beautiful art and get the full experience of Artfields, make sure you check these beautiful pieces off your list.

"Hospitality" Jennifer Edwards

1. Hospitality

Artist: Jennifer Edwards | Venue: Miles of Style

Artist Statement: I am fascinated by old neon advertising signs, which are a fading art form that was at its apex in mid-century America. My source materials are photos taken by family members over the past twenty years. I have done a series of signs seen both locally and as far away as Santa Monica.

"Plant Vitae" JOEKINGATL

2. Plant Vitae

Artist: JOEKINGATL | Venue: 123 East Main Street

Artist Statement: Sculptures engraved with children's drawings, maps and images of plant life. The four large-scale pieces are made from colorful wood and transparent cast acrylic -- the result of almost a year of work by Georgia-based artist Joseph Dreher (known as JOEKINGATL)

Using a "portrait partner" technique Dreher developed, Dreher created the four primary portraits and the children created portraits of each other that become the basis of the sculptures.

"Weightles" Ansley Adams

3. Weightless

Artist: Ansley Adams | Venue: Trax Visual Art Center

Artist Statement: When I was a young girl, the word "fat" was already a part of my identity. Along with this awareness that I was fat, was the shame and guilt at not being able to lose the weight, and a profound sense of fear and hopelessness that I would never have enough self-control or resolve to stick to a diet long enough to ever be beautiful. More than the extra pounds, these feelings of self-loathing, fear, and hopelessness weighed me down and affected almost every aspect of my life.

When I finally decided that I was going to accept my body, and no longer allow myself to feel guilt or shame, I felt free! 'Weightless' is a depiction of the freedom and empowerment that comes from accepting and loving every inch of yourself. Instead of being weighed down by negative thoughts, I know now that women are fat OR skinny, young OR old, scarred OR smooth... AND we are beautiful, AND we are strong, AND we are powerful, AND we are fearless. We are WEIGHTLESS.

"Basketball Collection" Thomas Sturgill

4. Basketball Collection

Artist: Thomas Sturgill | Venue: The R.O.B.

Artist Statement: My work has always addressed the interactions between humanity and things. I find this the most straightforward and honest description of my fascinations. These tangible bits of culture are interesting, clever, and fall into systems that structure lives. Coupled with our cognitive needs to classify, our culture has developed into a culture of things. Largely, I find myself asking a few basic questions. What is the history of a thing? What are the interactions between an object and its user/me? And what are the benefits or results of an objects use? These questions, whose intents are broad and inconclusive, provide me a structure for analysis, a way of approaching an all to accustomed environment. Recently, my work has explored boyish masculinity with a focus on "success", "ownership", and "desire."

Basketball Collection, is made up of 40 photographs I have taken of found basketballs. Each ball has it's previous owner's name written on it. The work is installed from dark to light.

"Cosmic Gears and Pathways" Anita Cooke

5. Cosmic Gears and Pathways

Artist: Anita Cookel | Venue: Olio Studio

Artist Statement: This work is an imaginary vision of some part of the universe consisting of gears, groupings and connective pathways between what could be construed as galaxies, suns, planets and other objects in space. Imagined are what I think of as 'energy routes' of implied gears shifting, connecting, and driving the whole thing. There is a scale ambiguity that is open to interpretation, where the tiniest sewn knot could be just a small moon, planet, or a whole galaxy or even part of a biological micro-world. Different 'systems' are grouped together as much for composition sake as for the idea that they exist in some relationship with one another- perhaps moving together or being influenced by one another.

It is important to remind ourselves that there is an infinite vastness surrounding us and that we are part of a huge, complex 'organism' that can forever capture our imaginations. This work is meant to provide a joyful meditative respite, spark the imagination and re-invigorate our spirits.

Top 5 Exhibits to See During Artfields
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