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Art & Culture In Lake City, SC
In Lake City, you will still see agriculture as a staple of our community, but now we have strengthened and enriched this common thread with a more artistic vibe. Come experience the inspiring results of small town revitalization that beautifully blends agricultural roots with new growth in the arts!

"From This Moment Forward"

Acline Street
Herman Keith, 2016

"Infinite Flowers"

Sauls Street
Lance Turner, 2018

"The Good of the Hive"

E. Thomas & S. Acline Street
Matthew Willey, 2018

Artfields Mural

Acline Street & Village Green
Jessica Diaz, Morgan Funkhouser, Olivia Cramer & Sam Ogden, 2013

Fire Truck Mural

Corner of Acline & Main
Randy McDonald & Ross Gandy, 1983

Through the Tunnel

Between E. Main Street & Village Green
Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn, 2017


Sauls & Church Street
Donald Walker, 2019


Sauls Street
Lance Turner, 2018

Wrapped Up

Sauls Street
Andrew and Sarah Wilson, 2019

"Huey Cooper"

Corner of Acline & Main
Alex Palkovich, 2014

"In Between"

East Main Green
Mike Wsol, 2018

"Making a Wish"

The Inn at the Crossroads
Craig Mitchell Smith, 2011

"Onward & Upward"

Ronald E. McNair Center
Mike Fowle & Patz Fowle, 2018

"Waiting in Silence II"

Next to the Bean Market
Greg Mueller, 2015

Village Green Eagle

Village Green, South Acline St.
Alex Palkovich, 2011

“Geisel's Garden”

Lake City Theatre Park
Matthew Leavell, 2017

Trax Visual Art Center

122 Sauls Street
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 374-0262
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Jones-Carter Gallery

105 Henry Street
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 374-1505
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Moore Farms Botanical Garden

100 New Zion Road
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 210-7582
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Olio Studio

104 W. Main Street
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 374-6546
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Bee City, USA

The Bee City program endorses a set of standards, defined in a resolution, for creating sustainable pollinator habitats. We are proud to say that Lake City, SC is the first Bee City to adopt these standards in South Carolina.
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